A few years ago, my friend and I were discussing things that remind us of Summer. Aside from the obvious, the scent of Banana Boat tanning oil, the taste of gooey smores prepared to perfection and the late night chats spent under the stars, she brought up hot pink nail polish.

Since that discussion, I now associate having hot pink toes as another must-have for Summer. Although summer is here (You would never know that by the non-stop drizzling weather we continue to have), it is time for mani’s and pedi’s!

I have put together a collection of manicures that are out of this world! I am so in love with the neon bright colors that have become a trademark for this Summer. I am also LOVING the beige and nude polish’s which are perfect for work and to pair with layered gold rings!

Right now I am currently toting the latest Summer 2012 Collection from Essie on both my fingers & toes! Check out Tart Deco & Bikini so teeny (Both super fun colors for this gloomy Summer we are having). Get painting girls!

Posted with love by Kimberly


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